About Us

Having gained a large amount of experience working within the woodworking industry from 1986 to 2006, including obtaining a Journeyman Joinery Benchwork Certification from BCIT, and anticipating a need for outsourcing Shop Drawing Submittals within the architectural woodworking industry, Paul Pascoli created Pascoli Designs Ltd. in 2006.


Since 2006, we have created Architectural Woodwork Shop Drawing Submittals for over 500 projects throughout Canada from our office in Victoria BC, Canada. With the knowledge gained from each of our completed projects, we have refined and perfected the challenging process of creating Architectural Woodwork Shop Drawing Submittals. Not only do we use the most up to date software and equipment necessary to create the best Architectural Woodwork Shop Drawing Submittals in Canada, but we are also really nice people to work with.


Please visit our sample pages to view a few of our recently completed Shop Drawing Submittals.